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Photo Gallery Archives

2008 - 2012
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Breakfast Meetings
Elks Club Dinner - June 27, 2012 
Elks Club Dinner - March 25, 2011 | Elks Club Dinner - February 20, 2010
Open House: One, Two & Three | Elks Club | Picnic

Our New President 2013 - 2014

Kendall Networkers

From left to right: New President, Laurie Shapero and
Past President, Dr. Sergio Vegas

Our New Board Members for 2013 - 2014
kendall networkers board members

From left to right: Christopher Bruce, Marvin Stein, Cecile Goldenberg,
Laurie Shapero, Carmen Ruiz, Dr. Sergio Vega, Martha Rothaus
and in back, Sushila Oliphant.

The 2014 Allan Stolman Award Goes to Gonzo Cordoba!

Gonzola Cordoba

Marvin Stein presenting the Award to Gonzo Cordoba.

The 2013 Allan Stolman Award Goes to Marvin Stein!

Award to Marvin Stein

Dr. Sergio Vega, President, presenting the Award to
Marvin Stein with Gary Simon.

The 2012 Allan Stolman Award Goes to Ron Roman!

Ron Roman and Sergio Vega

Dr. Sergio Vega, President, giving the Award to Ron Roman.

Our New Board Members for 2011 - 2012

board members of kendall networkers

Front: Ron Lieberman, Martha Rothaus, Dr. Sergio Vega, Cecile Goldenberg, Marvin Stein, Victor Feria | Back: Gilbert Avalos and Carl Herrera

The 2011 Allan Stolman Award Goes to Martha Rothaus!

Alan Stoleman Award

Our Board Members 2010 - 2011

Kendall Networkers Board Members

Front: Sushila Oliphant, Ron Lieberman, Victor Feria, Martha Rothaus, Matthew Shippey, Marvin Stein | Back: Rene Garcia, Carl Herrera and Doris Aponte.

The 2010 Allan Stolman Award Goes to Abe Levy!

Stolman Award

Abe Levy, Ron Lieberman and Victor Feria.

The 2009 Allan Stolman Award Goes to Mel Sandberg!
See Article in the Kendall Gazette Sept. 22 - 28, 2009 Issue - Page 3

Mel Sandberg

Laura Stolman and Rene Garcia present Mel Sandberg the Al Stolman Award.
Photography: Dick Yager

Rene Garcia and Marvin Stein

Rene Garcia, Robin Korth and Marvin Stein.
Photography: Dick Yager


The 2008 Allan Stolman Award Goes to Ron Lieberman!
Click for PDF

Ron Lieberman - Al Stoleman Award

Ron Lieberman, Laura Stolman and Rene Garcia, President of Kendall Networkers.
Photography: Sushila Oliphant


Elks Club Dinner - June 17, 2011

Kendall Networkers at the Elks Club

Elks Club Dinner - March 25, 2011

Kendall Networkers at the Elks ClubDinner

Picnic in Indian Hammocks Park June 19, 2010

kendall networkers picnic

Elks Club Dinner - February 20, 2010

Kendall Networkers

Open House at Al Dente Restaurant

Open House kendall Networkers

Gallery I of Our Breakfast Meetings

Kendall Networkers


Gallery II of Breakfast Meetings

Kendall Networkers


Open House Gallery

Gallery I

Kendall Networkers


Gallery II

   Kendall Networkers


The Elk's Club

Kendall Networkers at Elks Club



Photography: Sushila Oliphant

bottom image Kendall Networkers
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